Profit Faucet® Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is foundational for discovering customer insights. It requires collecting and linking data to an individual Person and then triggering that information to engage them in the perfect time with the perfect message on the perfect media platform.


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The most innovative marketers are using increasingly complex, next-gen People-Based "identity graphs" that include demographic, behavioral, financial, lifestyle, purchase, and other information. The information is gathered from numerous sources, such as purchase transactions, surveys, email providers, public records, and device ID providers.

Any advertising agency that asserts or aspires to be "customer-obsessed" needs to get identity resolution right. When you do, the opportunities are endless. Profit Faucet® is cookieless tracking technology that is permanent.

Enjoy these amazing benefits

Capture Your Target Audience

Marketers today have to be highly flexible and adaptive to reach targeted audiences which are constantly moving and shifting. Nailing down identity resolution helps accelerate your cross-channel advertising efforts. There is less guesswork, higher flexibility (you can target messages correctly, for one thing), and you can act immediately based on an understanding with confidence who a Person is, where they are and what they are doing.

Growth Opportunities

Accurate ID graphs can extend advertising's reach up to 50 percent or more. Also, the potential cross-sells and upsell opportunities which are often shown from insights obtained through identity resolution, together with potential opportunities to re-engage website visitors and former clients, also provide tremendous growth.

Happy Customers

This is a biggie. Customers increasingly expect brands to engage them in highly relevant, personalized ways, and with correctly targeted content. We’re talking real-time and dynamically. If your articles and engagement strategy relies on solved identities, you're more likely to meet the demands and expectations the People you serve. On the flip side, using identity resolution for engagement the wrong way or misidentifying people can lead to an intrusive perception or even a creepy feeling.

Single View Of  The Customer

Identity resolution helps marketers be certain about who is on the other end of a browser, mobile, or location. Accurate identity resolution allows organizations to create a true single view of the clients which could be constantly communicated and deployed across brands, business units, and product lines. You need to be able to continuously enrich, update, and share identity information across the whole organization to facilitate greater customization and control.

Personalized Customer Experiences

If you do not understand with confidence who a Person is, you can not personalize the messages along the path of their journey. That, in turn, lowers the quality (and most likely the length ) of your relationship with that Person.

Holistic Measurement

Missing data and inadequate match rates produce a fragmented image of your prospects, making measurement (like attribution) harder. Getting identity right permits companies to measure results and capture a Person’s action as they move between the offline and online landscape.

Powerful Ad Spend

Timely, true identity resolution lets you market more efficiently and spend less to get the same--or better--outcomes. ID graphs reduce duplication, overlap, and waste. Conversely, a lack of identity resolution compels you to "spray and pray," that is a marketing ROI killer. Growth suffers.

Brand Building Stature & Credibility

The Marketing Department’s credibility within the business (not to mention dollar value) are strengthened big-time in the event you're able to accurately identify People and engage them in personalized ways.


Getting More From Your Website Visitors

Now You pay 100% for the traffic but you only get 3% of the conversion, 97% of your website traffic is lost AND you don’t get to keep your data, as you already know Facebook, for example, will expire your audience after 180 days.

With Profit Faucet™ Identity Resolution, you will double the results you get from your Google and Facebook Ad campaigns in 30 days or less. Turn your website visitors into a permanent and portable audience and start marketing to them in all the channels you want.