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Management thinks you’re irreplaceable.
Your team adores you.
Promotion and raise were approved.
Clients ask for you.

Your Business is Growing Leaps and Bounds.
You are Working Less.
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Coaching, Branding and Marketing with the right strategy makes it all happen.

P = P - I

Performance equals Potential minus Interference.

What would your performance be if you came to work feeling happy, fulfilled, committed and supported? With our world continuously evolving, we are faced with new issues and challenges that didn’t exist before.

My job as your coach is to eliminate the interference we all have in our lives, our business, and career. If we do that, your full potential is unleashed and your performance explodes.

Let’s have a conversation and I’ll show you

Ken Germann

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far,


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Career Coaching

What if you were more INTENTIONAL about every choice you make? Coaching makes it all happen.

Step One: Assessment and Goal Setting

We begin by thoroughly assessing the client’s current skills, strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This may involve interviews, 360-degree feedback, and personality assessments (Gallup StrengthsFinder).

We collaboratively identify specific objectives and set measurable goals aligned with the client’s career aspirations and the organization’s strategic priorities.

Step 2: Customized Development Plan

We create a tailored development plan based on the assessment and goal-setting phase. This plan outlines strategies, tools, and resources to help the client develop critical skills and competencies, such as emotional intelligence, decision-making, communication, and leadership.

The plan may include targeted training, mentorship, networking, and experiential learning opportunities.

Step 3: Implementation and Support

With the development plan in place, we guide the client through the learning process, providing ongoing support, encouragement, and feedback.

We facilitate regular check-ins, monitor progress, and offer insights for overcoming challenges and obstacles. This collaborative approach ensures the client stays focused, motivated, and accountable for their growth and development.

Step 4: Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

As the client progresses through the coaching process, we periodically evaluate their performance against the established goals. This involves reviewing achievements, discussing setbacks, and identifying areas for continued improvement.

Together, we refine the development plan, ensuring it remains relevant and practical. This evaluation cycle and continuous improvement help the client sustain their growth and achieve long-term success.

Leadership Development

Leadership is one of the most business-critical competencies in a business — it is the foundation of any successful organization

It’s simple:

Great Leaders = Motivated Teams = Happy Customers =
Increased Revenue.

The reality:

82% of employees leave companies because of their boss.

We solve this in two ways:

Leadership Masterclasses & Leadership Coaching:

Business Coaching and Consulting

You plan for the future — Instead of handling frequent emergencies. We can make it happen.

Step One: What’s stopping you from success?

We conduct a comprehensive assessment: Meet with the business owner(s) and key stakeholders to understand the current state of the business. This includes reviewing financial statements, organizational structure, marketing strategies, operations, and customer relations.

We identify strengths and weaknesses: Using the assessment, pinpoint the areas where the business excels and needs improvement.

Together, we set clear goals: Collaborate with the business owner(s) to establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. These goals should address the weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths identified earlier.

Step Two: We Build a Customized Action Plan.

We brainstorm solutions: We work with the business owner(s) and stakeholders to brainstorm possible strategies and solutions for addressing the identified weaknesses and achieving the set goals.

We prioritize actions: Based on the brainstorming session, prioritize actions by considering resources, potential impact, and time required to implement.

We create a detailed action plan: Develop a step-by-step action plan for each priority, outlining the tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, and resources required.

Step Three: We Launch & Monitor Your Progress

We implement your action plan: Support the business owner(s) in executing the action plan by providing the people, guidance, tools, and resources as needed. This may include training, process improvement, technology implementation, or other relevant interventions.

We monitor our progress: Regularly review the plan’s progress, measuring performance against the set goals and milestones. Adjust the plan as necessary to address any obstacles or changes in the business environment.

Step Four: We Evaluate & Continuously Improve.

We assess & evaluate outcomes: Upon completing the action plan, assess the results and determine the effectiveness of the coaching process. Identify areas of success and opportunities for further improvement.

We provide ongoing support: Continue to support the business owner(s) in refining and adapting their strategies, building on the progress made during the coaching process. Encourage a continuous learning and improvement culture, ensuring the business remains agile and responsive to change.

Executive Coaching

Key people are finding you. Forget the job boards. Recruiters contact you. You crush interviews with confidence. You get the offer.

We can help you.

Build your confidence to conduct an effective job search that helps you find a career and job truly worthy of your talents.

Become proactive in your design and pursuit of a career that is in alignment with your desires and purpose.

Develop a killer resume and additional collateral such as your cover letters, LinkedIn Profile, and additional personal branding assets that will open doors to opportunities.

Present you to the job market in a manner designed to get you to where you want to be instead of limiting you to opportunities which are publicized and available online.

Learn life-long networking tactics that will serve you in the short-term to find your dream job and long-term to build powerful and valuable relationships.

Ace any type of job interview no matter the situation. You’ll be fully prepared whether it’s a phone, in person, panel, presentation, or video interview.

Corporate Coaching

The main aim of corporate coaching is to promote two-way communication between an employee and their coach in order to identify areas for improvement, reinforce strengths, and further develop their performance. This is usually done byfocusing on specific performance objectives, skills and goals.

It’s all about empowering employees to be the best performers that they can be. Its all about shifting the corporate culture towards a positive abundance mindset and plugging the leaky hole of employees running out the back door. We can work with groups of 100 people at a time. We can work virtually or come on site to your company.

Benefits of Corporate Coaching

It helps your employees to  learn to stay on task

Procrastination is a common challenge many professionals experience throughout their careers, and working with a coach can help you develop time-management and prioritization skills to help you overcome it. These professionals can help your team prioritize their work and manage their time effectively. By getting your more challenging tasks done right away, you can enjoy a more relaxed schedule for other tasks and institute a healthier work-life balance. A coach can help your team develop the strategies you need to motivate yourselves to meet deadlines and balance your tasks effectively.

It encourages your employees to set clear goals

For many professionals, creating effective goals is a key to finding career success. A coach can help you build SMART goals, or goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. This can help make them more likely to achieve. A coach can help you and your teammates understand exactly what you want out of your career and set actionable steps to reach your objectives. 

It improves job satisfaction

A career coach can help you identify opportunities for improvement in your personal and professional life, which could lead to greater satisfaction overall. Gaining an outside perspective is a useful way to learn about yourself and your goals. Your coach may be able to ask you insightful questions to help you reflect on new ideas and develop healthier habits that help you meet your goals. 

It promotes employee engagement

Hiring a career coach could show employees that the organization values them and invests in their professional development. This might improve employee engagement and help them learn how to be more active participants in the workplace. Supporting employees by offering opportunities for them to build their skills and advance their careers may improve your team’s employee retention rate, too

It develops future leaders

Coaching can help organizations build their junior staff’s leadership skills, which may help them prepare for supervisory responsibilities in the future. Executive management jobs typically require individuals who can manage stress well, develop clear visions for themselves and the company and feel comfortable making firm decisions. Career coaching can help employees develop these skills, which can support the organization’s succession planning strategy.

Encourage collaboration and open communication

Creating an environment that promotes collaboration and open communication can not only create positive feelings in the workplace, but it can also help motivate and inspire your team. So give your employees plenty of opportunities to work together, such as setting up regular team meetings, scheduling brainstorming days, or simply going out for a coffee run together as a team.

Giving your employees opportunities to nurture and foster their relationships with each other outside of the office can also benefit the team. Setting up monthly or quarterly social outings can be a great way for your team to enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed environment, while also helping you build a positive workplace culture.

It solidifies your corporate and employee values

Learning what you value is crucial to career success and happiness in your work. Once you define these values, you can start to develop a plan to support them. A career coach can help you figure out what you care about and why and then guide you in how to implement those values in your daily work. This might help you act with integrity at work and feel more connected to your everyday tasks.

It defines strategies for overcoming personal obstacles

A career coach can help you overcome personal obstacles that may be influencing your life and work. Career coaches often help individuals develop a more positive mindset. Hiring a career coach to work with your team could help you improve company culture, too. As individuals learn to focus on the positive aspects of their lives and build new strengths like stress management and leadership, you might notice a more positive work environment forming.

It builds confidence

A career coach typically shares exercises and techniques for building up your self-esteem and self-confidence. Confidence can help employees feel comfortable accepting new responsibilities, influencing their teammates, and making informed decisions. Empowering employees may improve their confidence, which can help you develop a more active, engaged team.

It fosters meaningful connections

Even if a career coach only visits your workplace for a day, it can still be an opportunity for team members to connect with them. They could ask for the coach’s contact information to schedule future sessions on their own or follow their blog or social media accounts to find inspiration for career growth. If the coach is a thought leader in their industry, they may have a content-heavy website, insightful videos to share or upcoming lectures that your team can follow, which might deepen your understanding of the field.

Build Trust with your employees

Delegating tasks can be difficult, even for the strongest of leaders. But, in order to build a positive workplace culture, it’s important to show your employees that you trust them to do their jobs. So to give your employees a chance to take ownership of their work, delegate appropriate tasks and avoid micromanaging at all costs.

Showing your employees that you trust them outside of the office, or standard work hours, can also be a great way to build a positive workplace culture. Whether that means allowing them to occasionally work from home, or leave early for a school play or doctor’s appointment, be flexible and give your employees room to attend to other commitments. This can not only help to create a positive, trusting working environment, but it can also help attract top talent to your organization as 45%1 of job seekers are most attracted to a job that has flexible hours.

Group Coaching

Ken and his team offers group coaching programs based on different topics each year. The topics change every 6 months. The content of the group coaching programs are based on Amazon Best Selling books Ken publishes. Ken publishes books Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, Spirituality in Business, Spiritual Development, Business Ethics, Corporate Culture, and a wide range of other topics. The framework of the group coaching programs is based on the content of the books. Group coaching classes are limited to 30 people per class. They are faciliated by Ken or one of his coaches.

Group coaching helps people with


Group coaching provides people with the chance to work on their goals together, which is helpful for building accountability and support systems. It is an experience that can create a sense of community among the members. It offers an opportunity for an individual to share feelings and experiences with others and creates a feeling of belonging and support. Group coaching also provides people with the chance to work on their goals together, which is helpful for building accountability and support systems..


Group coaching is a great way to stay motivated and work towards a common goal. It offers social support, making it easier to achieve the desired results. Group coaching sessions are also more effective when you have a diverse group of people with different perspectives in life in your session. Some companies offer group training sessions for their employees, which are usually led by an expert or trainer who is knowledgeable in that particular topic.

Alignment of mission, vision, and values

When it comes to providing a space for a group of people to come together and work towards a common goal, group coaching is the best solution. It gives an opportunity for members to get feedback from other members and share personal experiences. Group Coaching can give people the opportunity to get insights from others, build trust by being open with their colleagues, and create alignment in the workplace.

Shared accountability

People are more inclined to show up for sessions, follow through on what they committed to do, and be accountable for their actions when they know that the other group members are doing the same. This is what shared accountability is about. This encourages people to avoid making excuses and encourages them to follow through with their plans. It also creates accountability among its members because they feel like they need to repay the time and commitment given by the coaches. Coaching is an excellent way of ensuring that you keep your focus on your goals and stay accountable for your behaviours.

Learning from peers’ experiences

Participants get to learn from peers’ experiences and best practices, as well as feedback from the coach. This is the best way to help build networks and connections with other entrepreneurs who can help each other in business. The idea of group coaching is that people share their experience and knowledge with each other to develop better ideas and produce positive changes in themselves and others.

Comparing notes on progress

Comparing notes on progress and collaborating with others on challenges they are facing are beneficial to people who want to grow personally and professionally. This helps group members to thrive and strive even harder to reach their goals. In conclusion, it is important to understand that group coaching can be very beneficial to all parties involved. It provides the group members with someone they can relate to and who understands them well enough to provide them with suggestions and help. It also provides the coach with an opportunity to practice their skills by working with different groups that have different needs/goals.


Ken and his team offers VIP Day programs

A VIP day is a virtual or in-person event in Dubai (virtual is most popular), that allows you to spend the entire day dedicated to one client. You’re helping them get something done in a day rather than spending weeks creating it. When your focus is only on them for the entire day, you can make magic happen! We offer two kinds of VIP days

Business Strategy VIP Day 

We map out the business strategy for your marketing and sales in your business in order to have a step by step plan to each your business goals. 

Training and Certifications

Shamak Coaching Certification

Shamak Coaching Certification combines teachings of NLP and Applied Shamanism to give you a set of tools to help your clients become the best versions of themselves they can be. Shamak Coaching Certification has 3 levels. When you complete all 3 levels and apply to work with us as one of our Shamak Certified coaches, We will hire you. You will get all the benefits of being entrepreneur with a flexible schedule.  We give our graduates their dream career they will find no where else on the planet. They work for us for 15 hours a week. They get a six figure salary with 100 hours of vacation time a month. They get to work from anywhere they have a laptop, cell phone and internet. The last thing we want for you is to fail in your coaching career because you are not good at marketing and sales. Leave that up to us. We are experts in Marketing, Sales, Scaling and Business Development. You keep the clients happy. Get paid every 2 weeks!  Its win win for everyone. We Architect Abundance for Our Teams and Our Clients.

NLP Coaching

Neuro-linguistic programming is a way of changing someone’s thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them. It may reduce anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. The popularity of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP has become widespread since it started in the 1970s. Ken Germann is a Certified NLP Trainer.
The Four Pillars of NLP:

Applied Shamanism

Applied Shamanism is offered as taught by Ken Germann, Certified Applied Shamanism Practitioner.  Applied shamanic principles and techniques are utilized to increase self-awareness, access support, and make powerful changes in your life. From a shamanic perspective, illness is often seen as being “out of balance or dispirited,” or as a loss of power. Shamanic work often utilizes a sonic form-drumming, rattling, singing to alter perception and to connect with non-ordinary realms. Power retrievals or soul retrievals may be utilized. You may receive the support of guides or your ancestors. You may strengthen your connection to the natural world- the animals, plants, and elements-air, fire, water, and earth for healing. You may be able to see multiple futures and guide your clients to choosing the future they want live using a technique known as Destiny Retrieval. Applied Shamanism is based on the teachings of Michael Harner and is based on Shamanism wisdom from the past 20,000 years. Michael Harner visited Shaman Teachers from all over the world and from all different traditions to bring the core skills they teach into a set of tools known as Applied Shamanism. Shamanism predates any organized religions.

Pictured on Ken Germann’s medicine drum is his Spirit Teacher Bodo. Ken’s son Denis drew the picture of Bodo. Ken’s Friend Dave is a member of the Objiwa indian tribe in the state of Washington. Dave created the drum for Ken.  Part of the work we do in Shamanism is journey work. Its more fun than meditation. We can travel to different places in space and time. We can meet different creatures and spirits. Ken’s spirit guide Toko, a tortoise, led him to meet his spirit teacher Bodo.  Bodo is Ken’s spirit guide and helps Ken with his clients. Ken’s coach is Bodo.  


CEO Inner Circle

We meet with 30 other CEOs from Fortune 1000 and 500 companies each week to share stories and learn from each other.

Tropical Mastermind

You and your spouse get to spend a week with Ken learning about leadership and how to grow and scale your business in tropical places like Fiji, Thailand, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia and Dubai


You and your spouse and 4 other executive couples get to spend a 7 to 14 days with Ken and his wife Lara on his Sunreef 43M Hybrid Sailing Yacht. Abundant Hearts is a Sun Reef hybrid diesel, solar and sailing yacht. She only runs on diesel about 15% of the time. You and your spouse or business partner are catered and pampered to while learning about leadership and how to grow and scale your business in tropical places like Greek Islands, Carribean, The Galapagos Islands, The Whitsunday Islands of Australia, The Adriatic Coast of Croatia, Bay of Islands of New Zealand, French Polynesian Islands of Tahiti, Fiji, Lycian Coast of Turkey and Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Penthouse Summit

You and your spouse and 3 other executive couples get to spend 7 days with Ken and his wife Lara in his Penthouse in Dubai catered and pampered while learning about leadership and how to grow and scale your business.

Abundance Live

Abundance Live is an event that has 500 people that meet in Dubai, Madrid, Orlando Florida, or Las Vegas to learn about leadership, architecting abundance and how to grow and scale your business.

Assements and Diagnostic Tools

ELI Index Assessment


EQ 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Management thinks you’re irreplaceable.
Your team adores you.
Promotion and raise were approved.
Clients ask for you.

Strengths Finder 2.0

The StrengthsFinder assessment is a personal development tool developed by Gallup Education, which provides an individual with their “Top 5” strengths. 34 different strength themes are divided into four domains of Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, Influencing and Executing.

DISC Assessment

Management thinks you’re irreplaceable.
Your team adores you.
Promotion and raise were approved.
Clients ask for you.

We are hiring

Certified NLP and Energy Leadership Coaches

We are hiring Tad Jame’s NLP Certified Master Practitioners and IPEC Certified Energy Leadership Coaches. Our goal is to give 20,000 certified coaches partner with us to give them their dream careers in the next 36 months. We are looking for business coaches, career coaches and executive coaches that are certified in NLP and/or Energy Leadership. We are not hiring people that read coaching for dummies. You’ll be required to complete the Shamak Coaching certification within 24 months upon you joining the team. A lot of coaches fail in their own businesses because they don’t have the necessary skills in sales and marketing. They are wired to be coaches. They love helping and serving people. We have developed a dream career path for coaches. Our coaches work with 10 clients a month for 15 hours a week. They get paid $120,000 a year for their salary.  We include medical, dental, vision, and health savings accounts for your benefits. We take care of all the sales, marketing, and back office work for our coaches. They focus on helping and serving our clients. you keep our clients happy. You earn a paycheck every 2 weeks. All of our coaches can work from anywhere they like as long as they have reliable internet, cell phone, and a laptop or tablet to work from. We believe a lot of certified coaches will come work for us. They don’t want or like the headache of running a business and coaching. If you want to make more than $120,000 a month, you can be trained to be a group coaching program facilitator. You can earn up to a million dollars a year working part-time. You earn commissions on each group coaching program you facilitate.  My office is going to be on a Abundant Hearts. My 43M sailing catamaran.